Tonight’s OUT OF THE BAG was a different type of show altogether!
Vincent Byrne, the main driving force behind Peoples Internet Radio, was streamed live for the first hour! Warts and all….the recording is from Vin’s perspective as a guest on The Richie Allen Show! Vin explains wonderfully well THE OFFICIAL OFFER and MUCH MORE!
Thank you Vin and MASSIVE thanks to Richie who introduced Vin in a way that he SHOULD be! Bravo to you both for such a great hour!  OUT OF THE BAG was honoured to make way for it!

My special guest was Louise Sutton from THE FULL CIRCLE PROJECT. First of all, I would like to thank her SO MUCH for allowing Vin and Richie’s interview to “eat into” her scheduled interview!
Louise explained the progress that has seen the website for The Full Circle Project, grow and expand into a hub for connecting great people!

Her enthusiasm is contagious and the plans and ideas she has….well, LISTEN and enjoy!