Need ideas about direct effective action in your neighborhood to bring back care, kindness and an abundance of local produce? Well, “If you Eat You’re In” is the invitation from all the Incredible Edible teams worldwide… Learn more from this lively interview with two grounded women determined to continue having positive influence on the present […]

I have seen that everyone is aging quicker than before and it has nothing to do with chronological time. Young children now display characteristics of much more seasoned individuals and adults are now appearing older than their biological time clock would indicate. This had me wondering if information, as a stimulant, prematurely ages us? Other […]

The Full Circle Project has a brief but compelling and fast-paced talk with Paul Levy exploring how what we often interpret as the deepest darkest evil is actually the highest blessing acting as a catalyst to help us awaken to the dream. We are as participants invoking the Universe and can now conspire to co-inspire […]

Come along to a life-changing event as you learn to guide yourself on your journey with essential skills of discernment. Listen to Conny Andersson, ex-police detective Apache Tracker as he reminds you to sharpen your senses. Are you ready to stop living a lie and face the Truth? Meet Conny at CasaMasSana in Andalucia, Spain […]