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What is missing from our society? What aspect of this archetype can we express in these times so as not to be ruled by others? Gain confidence and empowerment through understanding the Art of Positive Warriorship as David continues his in-depth explorations with us towards becoming sovereign individuals.

Derrick Broze of The Freedom Cell Network joins us again for an update on how Freedom Cells are appearing on the ground and spreading through integration with the Coeō platform; get ideas from the Free Thinker House about how you can bring people together in your community and build resistance and resilience into your life.
Education, community defense, P2P (Peer to Peer), skill-sharing etc discussed as well as Derrick’s interests in the Dakota Pipeline situation and his upcoming live documentation of the same.

Need ideas about direct effective action in your neighborhood to bring back care, kindness and an abundance of local produce? Well, “If you Eat You’re In” is the invitation from all the Incredible Edible teams worldwide… Learn more from this lively interview with two grounded women determined to continue having positive influence on the present and the future by growing food and feeding souls. Sound advice and no-nonsense tools. No more excuses folks, you are all Incredible!!!! Step 1. Have a pot of coffee to hand 😉

Gratitude to Mary Clear (now known as Mary Wonderful 😉 ) and Estelle Brown

Grow-bags full of tools, support and news on these pages :

I have seen that everyone is aging quicker than before and it has nothing to do with chronological time. Young children now display characteristics of much more seasoned individuals and adults are now appearing older than their biological time clock would indicate.

This had me wondering if information, as a stimulant, prematurely ages us? Other stimulants such as caffeine or cocaine, if abused, will shorten your time line. Why wouldn’t information?

The Full Circle Project has a brief but compelling and fast-paced talk with Paul Levy exploring how what we often interpret as the deepest darkest evil is actually the highest blessing acting as a catalyst to help us awaken to the dream. We are as participants invoking the Universe and can now conspire to co-inspire within our community groups while simultaneously bringing our own unconscious shadows to light; we are indeed in the midst of
Di- Spelling Wetiko.

Must-reads by Paul Levy:
Dispelling Wetiko- Breaking the Curse of Evil.
Awakened by Darkness- When Evil Becomes Your Father
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Come along to a life-changing event as you learn to guide yourself on your journey with essential skills of discernment. Listen to Conny Andersson, ex-police detective Apache Tracker as he reminds you to sharpen your senses. Are you ready to stop living a lie and face the Truth? Meet Conny at CasaMasSana in Andalucia, Spain during the weeks of September 17th and 14th 2016. All details on application to Louise at;
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fb The Full Circle Project at CasaMasSana
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Conny Andersson

The Full Circle Project Talks with Alan Ereira; ALUNA, an urgent message from the Kogi.

Alan Ereira, film-maker of “ALUNA” takes time out with us to highlight the urgent need to communicate the message from the remote Kogi People of the High Colombian Andes. The Kogi are profoundly frightened by what we are doing to the world, but also well aware that we have no understanding of the forces which we are unleashing. They believe that the only hope of survival for mankind is if we can learn why they are so scared, and they know that we will only believe what we can see.

Their spiritual leaders are raised in the dark for their first 18 years, to communicate with “ALUNA”, the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work.

But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed.

Now they have another message to share, and we all must listen…
Watch and digest the film first, then listen as Alan gives his perspectives some years after the release of  ALUNA (Consciousness). If you watch the film with others, you are bound to have some deep and reflective conversations and feel compelled to think, behave and act from a different level of awareness.

A lively introductory talk with our friend Christopher Gardner of touching on a range of topics from health, parasites and predators to democide, permaculture  and the essential question of how we use the precious gift of Time.  Christopher is a true Action Man and is well along the path of innovation, inspiring others to become strong and effective in all areas of life.

There’s much to contemplate and more to explore with Christopher in upcoming “Call to Action” talks; do listen to his views and experiences and write in with questions or topics to expand upon.

Check out his website with links to the podcasts and let Christopher’s dynamic personality stir up your enthusiasm and determination to live life in an optimum state of balance, becoming more self-sufficient and aware in the process.

With gratitude for all participating in beneficial change, growth and recognition of our precious life.

An introductory talk with David Whitehead, Truth Warrior, about his experiences integrating the warrior spirit and how this archetype influences our response to all the challenges that life provides. The ideal person to kick-start an on-going series of talks with people from the Full Spectrum of life which aims to find the most effective ways to act and to be in these times.

Here, David introduces his perspective and talks about both the philosophy and the practical application of the warrior and how this enables us to stand firm in the face of adversity as well as benefit and grow from overcoming our fears. This same spirit underpins the approach we take at The Full Circle Project and calls upon our courage, integrity and determination to do the right thing, as outlined here in the Code of Sikh Warrior Ethics mentioned by David (see below).

We are excited to have David return with a series of more in-depth “Calls To Action” and ask those members of the Full Circle Project to let us know their relevant questions or suggestions that David may address  as the opportunity arises.

For more about David, see his website  with links to his interviews on YouTube.

With gratitude for all participating in beneficial change, growth and recognition of our precious life.

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